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We are currently accepting registrations for our summer camps and fall programs.

If you discover us after the start of classes, no worries - we are happy to pro-rate our fees and are staffed so as to allow for individual help to catch up.

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October 3, 2015
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Drop by to meet Lyceum staff, see our space, learn about our bookclubs, writers' workshops, and literature and art programs and have your questions answered over a cup of tea. Children are welcome to enjoy a cinnamon bun and engage in the resources of the space.

Join us to read, write and create.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but summer is coming to an end.  The days are getting shorter, the weatherís getting colder and the trees are turning yellow.  Itís not all bad, though. The fall term is about to start at the Lyceum, which means you can...

These are the thoughts that are keeping us smiling when we contemplate having to put away our sandals for another year.  Except for Christianne.  She wears sandals all year long.

Give us a call at 604.733.1356 to register for our fall programs today!

Introducing Serious About Comics

We're thrilled to announce a brand new program at the Lyceum, Serious About Comics.  The program takes place on Tuesday evenings, and focuses on giving those who are passionate about graphic storytelling the tools they need to take their creations to the next level.

Here's a run-down of the program, from its facilitator, Susan Ma...

Serious About Comics
Tuesdays, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Dates: Oct 27, Nov. 3, Nov. 10, Nov. 24, Dec. 1, Dec. 8
Ages: 8 to 18
Cost: $262 + GST

Explore the fundamentals of comics storytelling to take your creative writing and drawing skills to the next level. This program will lead participants in investigations into the unique features of comics and the ways textual and visual theories intersect and inform each other in this art form.  Each term will involve engaging exercises and finished narrative pieces that honour the individual styles and processes of our students. If you're serious about making comics, these workshops are for you!

Mosaic Memory Games

Now available at the Lyceum, our very own Mosaic Memory Card game - a fun and vibrant way to test you memory skills! There are four different sets to collect - combine them all to make a GIANT memory game!

At $5 per set they're a unique small gift - a perfect little present!

If you love literature and art and want to pass along that love to the next generation of readers and creators, this opportunity is for you.

Click here for more information on volunteering at the Lyceum...

Next Open Mic - Friday, Sept. 11th
Open at 8 PM and mic goes live at 8:30 PM. E-mail us to book your time slot or just join us to enjoy some amazing talent! Our June Open Mic was truly amazing with some new voices that warmed hearts and challenged our thinking.

Next Teen Open Mic -- We need to reconvene and set some new dates for the fall term. Feedback is very welcome.
We're also looking for a spunky emcee to run our events -- contact us to apply!

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