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If you discover us after the start of classes, no worries - we are happy to pro-rate our fees and are staffed so as to allow for individual help to catch up.

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The story of your magical summer starts at the Lyceum. Our summer camps are now online, and we're accepting registrations for June, July and August 2016!

APRIL 28th 2016

Taking a Chance on Love by Mary Razzell

Falling in love creates an enchanted time, and when it’s on the magical Sunshine Coast of British Columbia during WWII, it is never to be forgotten. The increased emotions of a country at war are always present, as well as the heartache as the young men who joined up to serve their country return wounded—or not at all. For Meg, who is seventeen and beginning to go to dances and to meet interesting young men, the time appears filled with possibilities. She longs to enter the world of adults but with an education that will allow her a fulfilling life. At the same time, her mother and others tell her there is no need for girls to be educated. What she needs is a “safe” man. As Meg ventures further into the adult world of love and marriage she sees that it is filled with dark shadows. Can she take a chance on love while still pursuing her dreams? 

Last Chance Island by Norma Charles

Thirteen-year-old Kalu and his young cousin, Aisha, are the only survivors when their African village is burnt to the ground by rebels. After trekking to the coast, the pair find work aboard a smuggler’s boat. When the smuggler hears that the coast guard is searching for illegal migrants, he abandons the kids on Last Chance Island off the west coast of Ireland. Meanwhile in Canada, fifteen-year-old Spike learns that her father has died, and she is being sent to live with a distant aunt — the lighthouse keeper on Last Chance Island. Angry with her new situation, Spike plans to escape. But while out exploring, she discovers the two Africans, starving and desperate for help. What will Spike do? Is it the last chance for both Spike and the African children?

Mosaic Memory Games

Now available at the Lyceum, our very own Mosaic Memory Card game - a fun and vibrant way to test you memory skills! There are four different sets to collect - combine them all to make a GIANT memory game!

At $5 per set they're a unique small gift - a perfect little present!

If you love literature and art and want to pass along that love to the next generation of readers and creators, this opportunity is for you.

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Next Open Mic - Friday, Apr. 8th 2016
Open at 8 PM and mic goes live at 8:30 PM. E-mail us to book your time slot or just join us to enjoy some amazing talent! Our June Open Mic was truly amazing with some new voices that warmed hearts and challenged our thinking.

Next Teen Open Mic -- We need to reconvene and set some new dates for the winter term. Feedback is very welcome.
We're also looking for a spunky emcee to run our events -- contact us to apply!

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